Meet the Team

Meet the Team

A geographically distributed team with diverse experience sets, from 4 countries. One thing is common.. All come with strong ideas held loosely.

Given the complexity of what we are solving, and collaborating across time zones, had it not been for technology platforms (Slack, GitHub, Skype, Pivotal Tracker), we would not have been able to pull this off!

Presenting the cast:

@hansi: A former investment consultant, and a researcher at heart who believes in driving change. We agree on more things than I would have thought including the vision! Multi-talented and with many wins. As a team member noted, “She is a media personality!”

@heidi: A former portfolio manager and analyst who believes in empowering industry with technology-enabled solutions. She brings a broad range of industry contacts to DiligenceVault – and is enjoying working more with people than spreadsheets!

@unnamed-well-wisher-who-works-in-a-bank: A virtual team member, really good at what he does, and has made 50+ introductions for DiligenceVault.

@mandar: Newest member of the team, comes from a global asset management firm. Artist at heart, brings creativity and enterprise knowledge to the firm.

@mitesh: Jugaad… Should we say? Product enthusiast enjoys figuring things out. Talks in HTTP return codes. Man of few words, but has a very exciting list of personal experiences!

@mudassir: Technical perfection personified! Carries on monologue on user experience while coding.. Always puts the user first… ‘Easy to use’ wins over ‘looks cool’

@monel: attempts to coordinate various moving parts, and create “productive capacity” and succeeds only 51% of the times.

In summary, I’ll borrow a view of the team from our first post:

We are a team that is passionate about building a product that users love, a team that takes pride in their effort…a team that argues over technical accuracy, but is flexible too. A team that realizes that we are not going to create a world class solution in a single iteration. A team of smart, motivated, interesting (and fun) people to take the product to the next level. We are Team DV.

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