Investor Relations / RFP Teams

Investor relations and RFP teams need modern platforms that combine offline and digital diligence requests. 

DiligenceVault provides a digital solution that can translate into a competitive advantage.​

Collaborative Authoring and Review
DIGITAL DILIGENCEDigital Portal Experience

DigitalDiligence is a core module that makes it easy for you to respond to a variety of investor requests for FREE.

  • Track progress on a centralized platform to deliver responsiveness
  • Avoid avoidable and costly errors when responding to repeat requests or similar questionnaires, and eliminate errors that come from manual processes
  • Establish an institutional review process to ensure excellence
  • Enable transparency for the entire team on a centralized platform
PREMIUM FUNCTIONALITYAutomate Offline Requests

Experience the premium module that enables you to automate all investor data and diligence requests.

  • Eliminate the need for copy and paste from multiple data sources by centralizing your content
  • Overlay collaborative review process in generating opinions and recommendations for all requests
  • Create tearsheets from all your content in a few clicks in your brand
Investor DDQ Management
Investment Database Management
COMPLETE EXPERIENCEDatabase and Regulatory Form Management

Reuse centralized content across multiple use cases within the firm to manage conflicts in all external submissions:

  • Deliver shared access to firm-wide data for product management
  • Collaborate with compliance and legal teams to regulatory compliance
  • Prepare content efficiently for investment databases such as Mercer, eVestment, Callan, and many more.

Case Study: Accelerating Investor Relations


An asset manager has received customized information requests in Word and Excel for its current fundraising mandate from multiple consultants, end investors as well as a bank platform.

Current Process Using DiligenceVault

  • 1Upload all investor requests
  • 2Auto-fill responses and review outliers
  • 3Track and view responses as they get approved internally
  • 4Share results with investors, and monitor engagement


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