Due Diligence In Private Credit Investing – A GP And LP Perspective

DiligenceVault Webinar Takeaways - Due Diligence In Private Credit Investing

Due Diligence In Private Credit Investing – A GP And LP Perspective

In this webinar, where we were joined by our panelists from Stepstone Group, Marathon Asset Management, Pantheon Ventures and NEPC, we covered the investing views on private credit investing, the LP and the GP perspective, and also the IDD and ODD perspectives.

GP Perspective:

1. Overview of private credit as an asset class for different types of investors (income vs return seeking strategies), and their risk return profiles

2. As a GP, how do you create a differentiated sourcing, underwriting and portfolio management process vs peers.

3. How do you scale private credit investing across multiple underlying assets?

4. What difficult questions are LPs asking you?

LP Perspective:

1. Private Credit’s role in a diversified multi-asset portfolio and which underlying assets (sponsor backed corporate, mid market corporate, ABL, funds, real estate, etc) do you prefer and why?

2. What are the diligence considerations when evaluating a private credit GP? What are key operational risks that you see associated with private credit GPs?

3. Why would you choose a generalist vs specialist private credit GP?

4. What is the unknown risk that worries you about private credit investing?


We’ve now made the key takeaways and the full webinar replay available for you to download.


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Date: May 16, 2024    Time: 10am EST

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